Member Benefits

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  • Members will have access to tools that might otherwise be out of reach financially or that they would not have room for at home.
  • Members will have 24 hour access to the tools that they have been trained to use.
  • Members will have access to a variety of software, both freeware and paid that can help them use the tools.


  • Members will receive instruction on how to use the machines and software.
  • Classes will be offered to further skills.
  • Members may receive discounts for classes
  • Members can teach classes and get paid.
  • Members will have access to the internet where much more educational information and videos can be found.


  • Members will be part of a larger community with the shared interest of creating and making.
  • Members can interact with each other and share information/skills.
  • Members can host meetings in the space.
  • Members can attend special events like lectures, etc. that help further knowledge and community involvement.
  • Members might receive discounts with local partners and manufacturers.
  • Possibility to interact with other makerspaces in the region

The FabSpace Capital Campaign is now underway. You can contribute by pre-paying for a membership, classes, and a variety of other ways. Click here to learn how you can help build FabSpace and strengthen the community of innovation in Dayton.