FabSpace Founding 100

As a start-up, FabSpace is a capital intensive business – between the equipment, building renovations, and day to day operating expenses, it will cost between $120,000 and $130,000 to keep the doors open for the first year, and that is before anyone gets paid a salary.

In order to give FabSpace the best chance of success, we have set the goal of raising the first year operating costs in advance through the FabSpace Founding 100 membership program. We are seeking 100 individuals, families, and businesses willing to pay $1200 for an annual membership. This equates to $100 a month or a little more than $3 a day. Combined together, these first 100 memberships will become something much greater – more than $80,000 worth of tools, equipment, and software; a stable, physical location; an educational resource; and most importantly, a community of people who all enjoy learning and making.

All FabSpace Founding 100 members will enjoy the following benefits:

  • The equivalent of a $35 a month membership
  • 3 equipment training classes over the course of a year
  • Member discounts on additional classes when available
  • A 10% discount on tool fees
  • A limited edition FabSpace Founding 100 t-shirt
  • Your name on our Wall of Fame
  • and Knowledge that you helped create something Great in Dayton!
  • In addition, founding members will be able to annually renew at this level and maintain these benefits as long as they are members.

The differences between the Individual, Family, and Business level FabSpace Founding 100 memberships are as follows:

Individual FabSpace Founding 100 – In addition to the above benefits, people who join at this level will receive two hours of free tool time each month (up to a $70 value). Any time left at the end of the month will carry over to the next month.

Family FabSpace Founding 100 – This level includes membership for two adults and up to two children. Additional family members can be added for $35 a month (this includes Grandma and Grandpa too, not just additional children). The three included equipment training classes can be scheduled as a private session for the family if desired.

Business FabSpace Founding 100 – This level includes membership for up to three employees of a business. Additional employees can be added for $35 a month. The three included equipment training classes can be scheduled as a private session for the business if desired.

Create A FabSpace Founding 100 Scholarship – Do you like our idea and want to see a business in Dayton that encourages people to learn, make, and innovate, but not certain if you could take advantage of it yourself? Consider creating a scholarship. All money raised through this manner will be used to create year-long scholarships for deserving members of our local community. If desired, the scholarship can be named in recognition of you or your business.

Buy Your FabSpace Founding 100 Membership Here

If you wish to pay with your Paypal account or Visa or Mastercard via Paypal, click the “Add to Cart” button below each option. We also accept payment by check or cash, if you would like to pay in this manner. If you would like to pay for your FabSpace Founding 100 Membership in installments, that is possible as long as the full payment is received by the June 30th, 2015. Please contact us at FabSpaceInfo@FabSpace.Net  if you would like more information about paying with check, cash, or installments.


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Please note that at this time, the FabSpace Founding 100 Membership will only be fulfilled if we reach our capital campaign goal of $120,000 by June 30th, 2015. Should we fail to reach that goal, your money will be returned in full. By purchasing a FabSpace Founding 100 Membership in advance you are contributing to and hopefully helping us reach our goal. Thank you for your support! Read “How To Join/Contribute” if you would like to learn more about the capital campaign.